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Who I have the same questioned this topic

S10 mobile hotspot wont work

Okay so I litterly  just got this phone like 5 days ago on may 24, well I'm having trouble with my mobile  hot spot it wont work what so ever... well when I go to turn on my mobile hot spot it's says "please wait while verifying" but then comes up and says "unable to connect mobile number not found" I am paying  for unlimited  everything  witch includes hot spot.  Well I called tech support  and was transferred  3 different times, and no  one could figure it out.. they then said well get ahold of me in 48 hours that was on the 24 when I got the phone.  No I don't noe wat to do and was wondering  if anyone else has had this issue and was able to resolve it..  my internet works just fine with out wifi only issue is hot spot.  Please any help Dx

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Who I have the same questioned this topic