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Who I have the same questioned this topic

Service progressively getting poorer
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I have a second home in a remote area where I depend on cell service for all communication and internet.  The signal issue started two years ago and is progressively getting worse.  Two years ago we were getting reliable voice on a Samsung flip phone and 3G data with a MiFi.  One day I happened to be driving past the tower we use and saw a truck parked near the bottom and work was obviously being done on the tower.  When I arrived home 3G service was gone and voice required going outside the house.  Service remained that way until I installed a SureCall booster with external antenna mounted ten feet above the roof.  With the booster I began getting reliable 4G service.  One year ago I upgraded to iPhone 8 and Smart Hub and raised the booster antenna another 35 feet.  4G service was excellent.  But, we did notice that the signal was fluctuating relatively rapidly on the iPhone when it was not using the booster.  About 4 months ago we began to have slow and intermittent 4G service.   I am presently seeing a condition where 4G speed is 3-4 Mbs when first starting to send data and then the speed progressively slows down until at some point I lose internet connection on the Hub.  I can regain connection by disconnecting from the Hub and reconnecting.  When I reconnect the speed is back up and the cycle repeats.  I am dependent on Verizon for both health and business reasons and this loss of service is very disappointing and frustrating.  I am not alone with this issue in this area as neighbors are having similar issues.

Who I have the same questioned this topic