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Who I have the same questioned this topic

Data Service WHERE IS IT????

I live in El Paso Texas, a borderland City.  

The frustration is that Mexico put up towers at multiple new sites creating the interference, with the Verizon US tower.  El Pasosns are frustrated, but because the Verizon Director of Communications, Steve Van Dinter, said they were working with the FCC fits resolution. KFOX TV, Wednesday, August 21, 2019.  Story by David Cross.

This has been going on since before August 21, 2019.  I have no 3g our 4g, I barely have one bar that I'm working with and sometimes more often then not, NO SERVICE!  I live North of I10, closer to our International Airport than the Border.

My bill is almost $200.00 per month.  I only agreed to that because Verizon was that very best, with coverage everywhere!  Now they are not even close to PCS or Cricket in El Paso.  And, my son just upgraded his cellphone and owes on it, so we can't just drop our service.

Verizon provided me a ticket number to escalate my situation, this is the first message I received.

"Free Verizon Msg: Your ticket is assigned and being worked. Thank you for your patience. Next update within 24hrs."

2nd message

Free Verizon Msg: The review of your reported service issue is complete. Please click the link to see more details

A video so that I can get a box to better my signal.  First of all that does not help my situation in my car, because my car does not have WiFi!!! At home it will not work for me because you have to have a high speed internet and other major pieces, 

Thus is all a bandaid fix!!!  Not acceptable!!!!  If I were late on my payment, I bet Verizon would drop my family in a secon!!!!

This is all while, I continue to receive promotional upgrades to our phones.  So why would I upgrade from a 7plus to the X or better, if I can't even use the 200.00 service I'm already paying for?

Verizon step up!! You need to make this right for El Paso Texas, your customers!!!


Who I have the same questioned this topic