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Security pattern severe glitch

I recently had an issue with my security pattern on my S9+. I had assumed the phone had a defective area on the screen that would not let me complete my security pattern. Recommendations were to make several unsuccessful attempts and the phone should allow for secondary recognition pin. After numerous attempts I quickly got to attempt 15 without promt for a pin. 

The security software was not allowing for a secondary pin entry. Other options for unlock such as Google Device tracker, Verizon Find My Phone, and Samsung Find My mobile did not allow for remote unlock. 

Google allowed a lock of the device, but not a remote unlock. Verizon does not have the ability to remote unlock even with the phone physically present.

Neither the Verizon techs or myself remembered before the final attempt to remove the SD card in the phone. BIG MISTAKE

Ultimate diagnosis was a security software glitch. No one was able to tell me who actually creates or controls the security software, but this appears to be a serious issue with the software. This glitch will block all attempts to unlock the phone other than the security pattern, which is not recognized as part of this software isssue. 

The screen on the phone works perfectly after factory reset. 

I immediately removed the SD card in an attempt to prevent overwriting, however I assume I am out of luck.

PLEASE ensure you have all your data backed up - Google Phot will save at least a high resolution copy of any and all photos and videos. Verizon has limited free backup storage for photos, contacts, documetns and other data. 

Change your security options to a PIN instead of a pattern to hopefully avoid this particular issue. Keyboard feeedback is more reliable than the constant contact of drawing a pattern on the screen. 

And if ANYONE has any idea if the SD card might still be recoverable please let me know. I've got nearly 200gb of work photos that apparently failed to load to Google Photo. Those I am not as upset about as the personal photos. I am under the impression that the factory reset uses a secure wipe meaning it reformats then zeros all data. Making it impossible to recover. 

Thanks! and keep your data safe!

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Who I have the same questioned this topic