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2 factor authentication = Absolute idiocy.

I wasted an hour of my life due to the IDIOTIC 2 factor authentication. 

My son had inadvertantly asked for a password reset. I could not access my account to pay my inflated Veri$on bill. 

I reset the password and it said it had to do the 2FA . It only gave me 2 choices - A push to the app on my phone and email. 

I don't know who is doing dev at verizon but I am underwhelmed. I won't even think about asking if they are doing user testing because they obviously are not. 

Whatever blockheads did the phone notification must think that you can log into the app, click through the allows in less than 45 seconds.. SERIOUSLY?? 

So I thought I'd try the email. Even though I have the correct email. NOTHING GOT TO  ME. 


FINALLY, after a couple of tries, I was able to get a code via text message. 

Now for more fun. For some reason, if you switch between the Fios and wireless sites, THE WIRELESS SCREEN GETS WEDGED INTO THE LOGIN CONTAINER.. Did your quality control/user testing even TRY to check the sites out.  Did any of the highly paid VPs ever consider that a customer MIGHT switch back and forth between sites? 

Now, I need to figure out how to allow my son to access his account with his phone. 

Also, with email not working did the single digit IQ devs consider that we MIGHT need to access our accounts if our phone breaks or dies??   Thought not. 

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