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Refund for a cancelled order
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I looked at Verizon online at the options for a replacement phone for my son.  I used online chat and a salesperson offered me $400 off of an iPhone XS.  Lie number 1.  She also offered monthly payments, which I declined, and I told her I wanted to pay the difference now.  She took my payment of $584 and completed the order on Dec 9.  I go online the next day and notice that Verizon had made an Installemnt Agreement with me owing Verizon the $400.  I called and asked what was the agreement for, that I'd agreed to $400 off of the purchase price.  I got mad and asked that the order be cancelled.  I call back and talk to another person about the $400.  This sale person told me that they would take away the $400 over 24 months credit and apply it all at one time.  Lie number 2.  She told me that the order hadn't been cancxelled and the phone had been shipped and it would arrive the next day on Dec 11.  I clear my appointments and wait at home for the FedEx delivery.  Lie number 3.  The phone was never delivered and FedEx tracking showed that a delivery exception had been made.  I asked FedEx why it wasn't delivered and they said Verizon asked for the phone back.  I call Version and asked if they weren't going to deliver the phone to give me my money back.  They told me the refund would be issued 3 days from cancellation on Dec 10.  Lie number 4.  I call on Dec 13 and ask where my refund is.  They told me that the refund wil be issued 3 to 5 days from order cancellation.  Lie number 5.  I ask to speak to a supervisor,  They send me over to another group.  That supervisor tells me that the refund would be processed after the phone was received back.  I asked for the tracking number and he gave me the wrong number.  I asked when the phone was scheduled to be back and he said Dec 14.  Lie number 6.   I asked why, I didn't send the phone back, I never received the phone, and I wasn't responsible for the shipping.  Then he hung up on me.  I find the correct tracking number and FedEx shows that the phone was received by Verizon on Dec 13 at 835 am.  


I need to know who to talk to about getting my refund.  I still need to buy a phone.  I'll never buy anything from Verizon again.



Who I have the same questioned this topic