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Who I have the same questioned this topic

Service transfer: iPhone with eSim -> another iPhone with eSim

I have an iPhone XS Max with Verizon on the eSim. Verizon is my backup carrier for the service on the physical sim card.

I want to upgrade to an iPhone 11 Pro Max, also with Verizon on the eSim.

I'm buying the phone directly from Apple, and I'm purchasing outright so it's not locked to any carrier.

What are the steps required in order to do this with as little hassle as possible? I know swapping the physical sim card just works. My concern is handling the eSim aspect.

There are numerous other threads where people had trouble with eSim to eSim transfers around iPhone 11 release day. Has the process been ironed out a month or two in?

Who I have the same questioned this topic