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Who I have the same questioned this topic


Dear Verizon,

Why do you offer rebates and not fulfill the rebates?  This community board is filled with customers that have switched to Verizon, the comments and the concerns are the exact same. I am truly disappointed in Verizon, I had heard such great things about Verizon, until my experience with the rebate issue. My Verizon rebate issues began 5 months ago... I did the switch and was offered a rebate for my switch from AT&T to Verizon, I have had to call the rebate center every 14 business days because I receive an email telling me that my rebate is not valid, I will get a rep on the phone and they will tell me it is because someone forgot to check a box, and they reassure me the request will be escalated for review, sure enough I will get another email 72 hours later telling me that the rebate is invalid.  I am frustrated and feel like this is a poor form of customer service from a company that prides themselves on customer service. 

I have about had it with Verizon and seriously considering switching my service. Is this how Verizon lures it's customers? Offer a rebate and then never follow through or make it so difficult that a person will quit pursueing what they were offered and promised?  

Verizon, this smells like a stall tactic to me and to be frankly honest it stinks! Very unsatisified with Verizon. 

Who I have the same questioned this topic