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Trying to Get Out of Cloud and Can't

So a few days ago I received one of the infamous "your free Verizon Cloud service" is expiring letters. Like gets mentioned here all the time: a 5 GB free cloud account I've had for almost 5 years, offered to all 5 lines lines on my account (but only used by one) is suddenly about to "expire". OK, well it's the last straw and the reason I'm leaving Verizon, so I need to download my stuff before I go.

The mobile app is impossible to use for large volume download. I can't even use it to do clean up before download. After deleting numerous photos then going and trying to empty the Trash the app just spins forever then eventually times out with "Trash is empty". No, it most certainly is not. But even if everything in the app was working right it still wouldn't be practical to use for downloading thousands of files to transfer elsewhere.

So I tried installing the PC app. Also doesn't work. It installs fine, it logs in fine, then it just says, "trying to download your cloud folders", (or something like that), but it never does. Tried it on a second PC, but it doesn't work there either.

So I tried the web interface. That worked for about 10 minutes. I was able to download then delete about a third of my files, then it crashed. Now when I try to access any of my content or Trash in that UI all I get is "Oops! Something went wrong. Hit reload or try again," which doesn't do anything. Support had me try the usual: different browsers, clear cache, reboot, different machine--but nothing worked. I waited a day and tried again hoping some background process might run to resolve it but nope, still broken.

So now I'm in a situation where I can't practically get to my stuff, dreading the idea of trying to start a new support case about all this by chat, or getting transferred by phone until I get to cloud support, waiting on hold interminably in the process. Sure Verizon, yeah, I'd definitely pay money for this super high quality service </sarcasm>.

So, word to the wise, if you are planning to try and get your stuff out of the Verizon Cloud, even if it's not much stuff, do it very, very far in advance so you don't miss the arbitrary free Verizon Cloud expiration date deadline.

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