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Slow and Spotty Service on COVID-19 Payment Plan

My income was decimated by COVID-19. Working for an event company doesn’t do much for my wallet during a pandemic. As a result, I couldn’t pay my March and April bills. Although I spoke to Verizon and I have until May 13th to pull it together, my service is now horrible and for the last 3 days have gone without service. I’m using a friend’s phone to write this. 

I’ve asked Verizon representatives whether the unreliable service is the result of having an overdue amount and a payment plan and they say no. But when I’ve gone to a Verizon store out of desperation, they tell me it’s possible. 

With no real job and no real income, I need to rely on my phone to try to find new work. Without a phone, looking for something new is futile.

Before, I tell the landlord that I’m deferring rent to pay Verizon, I’m wondering if anyone has heard of this problem before.  I have a friend who seems to be living through the same experience. 

Living alone without a reliable form of communication to talk to friends and family and potential employers is miserable.  I don’t know what to do. I am wondering if I’m living through a shared experience or something that is uniquely and horribly my own.  

Ideas, thoughts and prayers are appreciated. 

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