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Who I have the same questioned this topic

Unlimited data and Mobile Hot Spots


I have a couple of related questions on the usage of "Mobile Hotspot" function when on an unlimited plan.

Background:  I have 3 phones and a USB modem (?) on my plan.  I have unlimited plans on all 4 (Start Unlimited on the 3 phones, and Unlimited plan on the USB device).  I discovered that my phone can no longer act as a mobile hotspot on this plan.

My Questions:

(1) I was told previously (and I apologize for loosing this information) that to get mobile hotspot on a phone, I have to sign up for a different unlimited plan
(1.1)  What plan would give me unlimited data and the ability of mobile hotspots
(1.2) Would I still be eligible for the multi-phone discount?  (trying to figure out the exact price difference)
(1.3) Is it possible to switch back and forth? (Specifically, I only need this functionality during certain activities which result in traveling in areas with no WIFI available - depending on the extra cost - wondering If I can move back and forth between the plans
(1.4) How quick does the change take effect?  (Same day?)

(2) On my phone, I get a specific error if I try to turn on mobile hotspot.  On the computer using the USB, it allows me to turn on "share my connection" without any errors - but when we try to connect to the WIFI generated, although it appears to connect, no data flows  (this device would not need to switch back and forth.  This computer is in a home  with no internet access ,  so we want the tablet to be able to share the desktop connection.)
(2.1)  Does the plan this device is on also limit sharing of the connection?
(2.2) If so, what plan does it need?
(2.3) How long does it take to be effective?

Appreciate   any help you can give me.

Who I have the same questioned this topic