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Who I have the same questioned this topic

I was misinformed about the rebate

We have switched 4 lines from AT&T to Verizon on (12/10/2019) at a corporate store (and bought 4 iphones). We were told that there was a promotion going on for a $200 prepaid Mastercard per line for switching from other carrier to Verizon. We also were told that this would be automatic and that we did not need to do anything to receive it. This is one of the reason I went in personally to a store and got all of the work done. A group of four representatives helped up set up all four phone and spent over 1 hr in the store and I asked them specifically if I have to do anything to get all the benefits. They said none and its automatic and I would get the prepaid cards in 3 months. While signing up I was told we have to pay 35$ per line and we were charged 45 on our first bill and when I called customer service for overcharging me they said I will get that only If I have signed up for monthly autopayments, which I immediately signed up and they fixed my bill.They dint even mention to me while in the store. I think Verizon is doing lot of these promotions to attract customers from other providers but they are not providing enough training or checks in the store to better serve the customers, I felt like they were in hurry to join more and more customers without proper assistance. Even when I signed up for auto payments or while creating online account, I have c=received so much communication from Verizon over email and messages but none about the rebate claim.  

I completely lost track of time because of Corona, lost my job and suddenly remembered about my rebate and I called Verizon yesterday, for which initially they said iam not eligible. I told them please recheck as I was very clear when switching from ATT after 15 years of service with them. So the lady was kind enough to check more and told me yes i was eligible but I dint submit the claim, I was shocked hearing this as I was hearing this for the first time. We moved four lines from ATT and brought 4 iphones only because of the promotion we could afford it. the representative said she cannot submit a backdated but Rebate center can help me and forwarded me to them, but no one responded on that line, waited for 1 hr listening to the prompts and music. I know its quite some time but what are my options now, there is no way I can afford all the new phone without the rebate especially after loosing my job for corona. 

This rebate offer was one of our prime reasons for switching at that time, and we feel we are owed this rebate as part of our contract. Browsing the community site for the first time today, it appears that others have had problems with Verizon rebates as well. Verizon touts its customer service, but so far I am not seeing it.

There were times that we thought why did we not switch to Verizon before as we liked the services very much except this one miscommunication to us. Please pour in your suggestions of what to do...……………..

Who I have the same questioned this topic