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Verizon up is bringing me down

I have been trying each month to claim my Verizon up reward, no luck. I understand that this is suppose to be a nice "gift" for Verizon users, thank you but no thank you. This has caused me more time and effort than the "gift" is worth. I just want to pick, claim and be able to use. NEVER has this happened. I have called to speak to someone about this, no idea. "We don't help with app",  is this suppose to make me want to stay with Verizon? I'm getting a little sick of having a "live chat" with a computer. Where are the real people? 

Just tell me how to get the $3.00 reward which by now is over $20 actually 3 does not go into 20. $24 or more. When the program started it was actually $5, I've not even tried to claim for months because its never worked.

Who I have the same questioned this topic