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Who I have the same questioned this topic

Spam calls and texts have increased exponentially since switching to Verizon
Enthusiast - Level 2

A couple months ago I switched from Sprint to Verizon and immediately the amount of spam calls and texts increased exponentially. I ported my number over so it's not a new phone number.

This is unacceptable. I never received spam texts with nefarious links while on Sprint, I get them every other day now. Spam calls were multiple times a day but seem to have. This is 100% due to using a new carrier as I am diligent about preventing spam on my end, nothing has changed other than going to a new carrier.

I don't give out my cell number to anyone but friends. Instead, I have a Google Voice number I give when a business requires one and then I check the messages on that and call back as I see fit. Voicemails are transcribed and I just read them as a text.

I know you sell a product to block spam but I shouldn't need it especially in my scenario unless Verizon sells the numbers of it's customers to spam call lists so in turn people buy your anti-spam product.

Who I have the same questioned this topic