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Who I have the same questioned this topic

tower down for 4 days

Our local tower stopped broadcasting 4g on the 26th. My jetpack is 4g only and now I am stuck without any internet unless i drive into another area.  

I spoke to a tier 2 tech that confirmed that he could test the tower and tell that at least some of the 4g antennas had stopped broadcasting, and the tower was trying to use some antique 1x and 3g antennas as backup. Doesn't help me with my 4g only device that worked fine until 26th.

This happens at 2-3 times a year after a good rain, and now the network engineer in our area just claims "marginal coverage area" and refuses to address the problem. Last time it happened I was without internet or anything over 1x for a week, I guess while the tower dried out??

looks like it's going to go on for a wee this time too.

I have been in touch with corporate, but that guy couldn't get it through his head that even though verizon thinks we are in a "marginal coverage area" that the problem is with the tower and not just heavy usage.

How long does it take to fix a tower hardware issue? And why do the network people ignore it.

Try unplugging your internet and phone for a week and see what I put up with several times a year from a company that holds a monopoly in the area (no other options)


Who I have the same questioned this topic