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Insane data spike and lack of any helpful customer service

This month, Verizon has decided that my data usage has increased by an astronomical degree, to the point where I'm down to 10% of my data with 20 days left in my cycle. This despite my almost never going over in prior months, and when I have, it's in the last day or two of teh month and coincides with a month of lots of travel. Of course, with the current situation, I'm at home and on my wifi network all day with the exception of when i go to the store or a walk outside. Yet, presumably in an attempt to force their customers to buy more data, Verizon appears to have decided to change the way they charge for data usage - I can only guess by charging any data, regardless of whether on wi-fi or cellular, against their customer plans. This is unacceptable.

Further, after talking to an person over chat, I was given no help whatsoever, only a list of stock answers. I was told it was because my cellular "covered" for the wi-fi when the wifi was spotty, and despite my telling the person that I had that option turned off specifically, they continued to ignore anything I said and just copy-paste stock answers.

Have been with verizon for almost 15 years now; going to switch to AT&T or another wireless provider on Monday unless this is fixed.

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