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Who I have the same questioned this topic

Teacher Discount Verification Issues

Has anyone else had issues getting their teacher discount verified if they work at a private school?  I was assured I would get the discount and the discount is the only thing that made Verizon affordable enough for us to switch back to them.  We were gone for two years, and wanted to come back to Verizon because they always had exceptional service.  Since we have been back the service has been TERRIBLE in the same exact place we have always lived.   So I have been disappointed by that greatly, and now I get an email after 2 months telling me the following:

"We're unable to complete your request for an employee discount for the following reason(s). 

Your employer currently does not offer a Verizon Wireless discount benefit to its employees. Occasionally, company names do not match our records on file. If your company is a subsidiary or doing business under a different name, please resubmit this request with the details.

Please resubmit your request by going to"


I would like to know if anyone had issues getting verified if they do not work for a public school.  I assume the email addresses for public schools make it easier for them to authenticate.  I know when I have tried ID.ME before it will not recognize our school.  It is a pretty large private school in S.C.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


Who I have the same questioned this topic