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Who I have the same questioned this topic

LTE Home Internet availability is in every zip code around me but not mine

I live on a dirt road off a dirt road, my internet options are dial up, satellite, or wireless.  I get great LTE service where I live so I have been waiting for LTE Home internet in my area since the day I heard about Home Fusion several years ago.  The latest LTE Home internet expansion announcement basically has every zip around me as eligible for service, except mine.  I don't understand why.  Could it be that my zip code that I share with the town 6 miles south has FIOS and that zip is excluded to not compete with a better option?  I need this service, I have been using various MVNOs for years just to scrape by, but I would much rather just add this service to my phone plan.  Help me out Verizon!  I'm rural, that's what this is about right?  I'll send pics of my pigs, the dirt road, the out house...whatever you want...hook me up.  I know it will work here, it will work well--I get 30-40Mbs on our phones.

Thank you

Who I have the same questioned this topic