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Verizon iPhone 12 Pro Trade-In Scam

I recently traded in my iPhone 8 with Verizon when upgrading to the new iPhone 12 Pro.  I was told that I would get $440 towards my trade-in, but received a notification stating that I would only get $50 instead because there was a tiny scratch in the corner of this phone.

I spent hours on the phone yesterday with the most unhelpful, disrespectful support team I've ever dealt with.  They accused me of lying and stated that I should be happy with the $50.  I escalated to the managers twice, and it got worse each time.  They promised to call me back because they left me on hold for so long and I had to join a work call, but they never called back.

I've been a loyal Verizon customer for 13+ years now, and just purchased TWO iPhone 12 Pros with premium plans on multiple lines.  They have effectively stolen $390 from me.  I would never have consented to giving them my iPhone 8 that was in excellent condition for only $50.  I asked them to give it back to me, and they said no.  Had I known that I was going to be treated like this, I never would have committed to spend so much money with them over the next two years.

As someone who has worked in the Customer Success industry for the past decade, I feel embarrassed for Verizon.  The way I've been treated is what you see in the videos of what NOT to do to your customers, especially the ones with a high Customer Lifetime Value.

If anyone out there at Verizon cares to have a chat, please reach out to me.

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Who I have the same questioned this topic