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Horrible Customer service representatives at verizon
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Verizon has recently, hired the worst representatives ever of any company! I called waited 40 minute on hold to speak to a representative regarding a billing issue. I tried to explain what the issue was but from the very beginning this representative named SEAN, wouldn't even let me get a word in. He kept rambling on non-stop, then kept repeating himself as if I didnt understand what he said. Nothing aggravates me than a rude person who doesnt let you get a word in and who repeats themselves none stop to try to justify their words. May, I remind you people at Verizon that we are the customer, I called to solve a problem, I waited on hold for 40 minutes to speak to a representative. Why is your rep talking over me, dismissing me and then REFUSING TO TRANSFER ME TO A SUPERVISOR AFTER repeated request by me to speak to either a different rep or supervisor. I could not believe he refused to flat out transfer me to supervisor after I asked 7 TIMES so I didn't have to waste another 40 minutes to speak to another representative??? Unbelievable! Then I had no choice but to hang up and call again. So, then he calls me back leaves me voicemail for me to call him back to resolve the issue at that point i had wasted 1 hour of my time and all my nerves trying to solve my phone issue and now his rude treatment of a customer!  I have worked in costumer service myself for 30 years and if I never spoke to a customer, not even 1 word that way!  He was rude, belittling, dismissive, totally arrogant, careless, unprofessional! If I had ever spoken to a customer and treated a customer like that,  I would have been fired on the spot! Yet, Verizon does not have a formal complaint department for customers to tell supervisors how clueless, rude and incapable some of their representatives are??? Thats unethical! How is a customer supposed to let a supervisor at Verizon know that one of their employees is absolutely ill equipped and cant handle helping and speaking to their customers if that employee refuses to transfer me to a supervisor 1) who can help me solve my problem and 2) let the supervisors of these employees know how terrible they are treating their customers! I have been a customer of Verizon for over 29 years and I'm on the verge of taking my business somewhere else because of the rude, unprofessional, unethical, condescending representatives you have hired to work there??? I was on the verge of tears and could not believe that he wouldnt even transfer me to a supervisor so that they could help me since he refused to!!! Shame on you Verizon for hiring and not having a way of monitoring and disciplining your employees!

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Who I have the same questioned this topic