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Who I have the same questioned this topic

5G Home Internet Gateway drops connections every night on IP lease renew
Enthusiast - Level 3

I have 5G Home internet with the 5G Home Internet Gateway. Every night at the same time, all connections are dropped when the modem renews its IP lease (I have correlated nightly disconnects with entries from the logs that always start with

Dec 28, 202004:11:1710.0.0.1: [LED_SM] Receive external event 7004(Failed Event)

in the LED log, followed by

Dec 28, 202004:11:18Router: WAN IPv4 interface: - ip: update and push to extender

in the TR-069 log, followed by a TON of activity in the network log.

I realize that DHCP renews have to happen, but I'm wondering why for this hardware they have to be so catastrophic. Most network equipment (especially if the IP address remains the same, as it has been doing so far from what I've seen) will just take care of the renewal and go about it's business, but it appears this modem wants to reset all connections like it's running a script to clean everything up or something.

It's pretty frustrating when you get kicked off connections every day at the same time. I also realize this isn't exactly 'critical', but it does seem like an opportunity to make the service / modem better.

Anyone here from Verizon 5G Home that might be able to shed light on why it seems like such a 'violent' lease renewal?

Who I have the same questioned this topic