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Slow Data Maladroit Customer Service

I originally called Verizon over a month ago because my Personal Hotspot wasn’t working, and now, over a month later there is still no resolution. 

I have asked kindly and repeatedly to be escalated to a person that can resolve my problem. 

Unfortunately, since then, have learned way too much about telecom companies in general and Verizon in particular.  Since I can’t seem to reach someone competent through the avenues provided by Verizon: email, chat, toll free numbers, I will attempt to shame them into doing the right thing. Some facts about Verizon that I’ve come to learn over past month:

  • No doubt prepaid and postpaid customers are treated differently, throttled data and sub standard support are just just a couple differences
  • Data speeds are not even close to what’s advertised, my latest “Speedtest” results, .03 mb/s, barely enough to support a call
  • prepaid customers appear to be leaving Verizon in favor of competitors (Of course i’m neither a market analyst or telecom employee).  Verizon wireless customers went from approx. 150 to 120 million between 2019 and 2020. 
  • Frontline Customer Support/Technical service representatives are incentivized to waste customers time by forcing them to repeat information that’s already part of the record, and not forward them to a resolution, person or team.

I could go on but I’m quickly nearing my daily, two hour, deal with Verizon issue deadline.   For a company that recently spent billions on Tracphone, it is in Verizon’s interest to improve prepaid customer retention. I personally have no intention of migrating to a Verizon postpaid plan.  Which BTW, and I hate to have to mention it, has absolutely nothing to do with my credit rating. Rather, I will simply move to another company.  

Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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