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Who I have the same questioned this topic

Unable to send or recieve MMS text to one person

Im having an odd issue. I am unable to text my wife any message with a picture/gif in it.  Normal text work fine. Just anything with an image, I get an orange circle exlimation saying "Couldnt send message" When sending, it acts like its going to, the status bar goes up then just fails. 


My wife is on a S21 with Verizon, and Im on a S21 Ultra with Verizon. And this is using the default message app, not the verizon message app.


I can send MMS pictures/gifs to other people with other android and iphones fine. This all started happening a few days ago.

Things I tried

1. Restarting phone

2. Checking if wife blocked me, I know I know... But I dont send that many things to her, but she cant send to me either.

3. I checked MMS/SMS settings

Strangely though, the Verizon Message+ app, I have no issues sending or receiving MMS with her. 

Kind of at a loss what to do next. 

Who I have the same questioned this topic