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One bar only!!!!
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My name is Melissa Green. I have been with verizon for several years. I have an iphone 11, and have only been getting one or two bars of service. Sometimes i even only get 3G, when i should have 4G. When i have the one or two bars, i cant scroll through social media, watch tv, music, streaming, send texts, checck emails. Its like an ipod touch, in order for the phone to work i have to be connected to internet. I have the play more unlimted plan, $90/month. I live in clearwater fl, 33759, and even have troubles going all over the state of florida and even out of state. When i travel to the other northwest end of florida, 32548, i still only get one or two bars and the same issues. I have tried a new sim card, since that is what the verizon store near me reccomend and that only helped for a few days. When i went the other day to another store, they only offered to get me to upgrade to a new iphone 12 with a fee!! I even told them i dont want to unless it turely fixes this issues, and. all they said is that it may but they dont know for sure. Then i was told that total proction on the phone doesnt exists anymore, and i will be charged more for the new verizon protection!! I don't see why i should and currently paying over $166 a month and now more due to this upgrade!!! I just want my phone to have service and be able to use it without constatnly being contected to interent. I would like to keep verizon but only if this issue is fixed without me having to pay extra or up my bill!! 

Melissa Green
Who I have the same questioned this topic