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S10 5G calls going straight to voicemail, no ring, no email notification, no missed call notification
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This has been going on for atleast a year that I know of. I have missed MULTIPLE JOB OPPORTUNITIES and interviews because of this issue. It is a known issue and happening to many people. I tried the solutions online, still same issue. No notification of a missed call because it doesnt even ring, no notification that a voicemail was left, but there is a voicemail. Now I have to CHECK MY PHONE EVERY DAY FOR VOICEMAILS just to make sure I dont miss any more job opportunities. Its extremely frustrating and has no consistency. One day I will get a call from that person, next day straight to voicemail. First I found out from friends and my parents that they were calling me, no missed calls showing.  They use MESSENGER AND THE CALLS GO THROUGH, so this seems to be linked to standard phone calls using verizons service.  I have TWO NEWER S10 5Gs and it happens on both, so its not a SIM card issue either, this is a global issue from searching all the users and different type of phones people experience this issue on. HELPPPP

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Who I have the same questioned this topic