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Who I have the same questioned this topic

local signal reception now limited with new iPhone 12
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Our area has limited cell phone reception so we purchased a signal booster/enhancer.  We and our friends saw improved reception from 1-2 bars to 3-4 bars (LTE and 3G) - on iPhones 5, 6+, and 10.  After a couple of us upgraded to iPhone 12, we have 0 bars.  Nothing else changed.  We've gone through the Apple recommended phone settings, Verizon recommended settings and when we place all our phones next to each other, same result, 0 on the 12 (not "no service").  We think it's the new antenna in the iPhone 12 that allows for 5G reception (which is unavailable in our area).  Has anyone questioned the (decreased) effectiveness of the antenna's ability to receive other than 5G signals?

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Who I have the same questioned this topic