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Network Extender with prepaid headache
Enthusiast - Level 2

Need to vent some frustration with my ongoing experience related to getting a network extender.


I've been a customer of verizon for 20 years.  2-3 years ago I switched to prepaid, because for a single line its 1/2 the price of postpaid (why?)

I recently moved and at the new place I get 1-2 bars for signal, so I thought I would try getting a network extender.  They are a little pricey, but whatever.

I log into my account, go to shop and when I click on the network extender the website logs me out.  Tried a couple different times including different browsers, same thing.  Ok, no problem.  I will just add the item to my cart then login when I check out.. NOPE, you have to be logged to add the item to your cart.


I do the website chat, I give them my info, tell them about the logout issue.  The say they can help me order the extender.  They start setting up the order.  I ask if the extender will just be charged to my autopay cc, I'm told yes.  They email a pdf with the order.  I think all is good, thank the rep.


Couple days later my cc hasn't be charged.  I log into my account to look at the status for the order.  There isn't even a section when logged in to look at orders (prepaid account thing?).  So I do the website chat again to ask for the status, I provide them the order/location code.  The best they can tell me is the order is "active".


Couple more days pass, do the website chat again, same thing, order is "active".  I call telesales to ask for status.  Rep tells me the order has no items in it and no shipping address. lol?  I provide my account info and whatnot and she helps me order the network extender, my cc was changed while on the phone with her.


Couple days later the network extender shows up, finally the hoop jumping is over... NOPE!


Plug in the network extender, the little LCD gives me "Server Error: 5A".  I do both website chat and phone support multiple times over the next couple days.  No one is able to help.  Eventually one of the website chat tech says Network extenders can't be used with prepaid plans.  I think he must be mistaken, there is no way I could have gone through 2x sales reps and multiple tech people and now one thought to point that out?  I google and find a number of people on this forum having had the same issue.


Now my options are switch to postpaid or return the item.  Alright f-it, I will just switch to postpaid.


I call up telesales ask about switching to the cheapest postpaid plan.  They say the need to run a credit check.  really?? I've been a customer for 20 years and you need to run a credit check on a $70 a month service? I decline because I have credit freeze with all the creditor services and its not worth the hassle to unfreeze for this.  Tell them I would like to return the network extender, they can't help but can transfer me to the customer care people.  I'm on hold for 30 minutes, tell the guy I want to return the extender.  Sorry this is the POSTPAID customer care line, yawn, he transfers me to the prepaid customer care.  Thankfully I was only on hold for about a minute with them.  They tell me to go ahead and ship the item back for a full refund.


The extender has been shipped back as of a couple days ago.  I fully expect to have to deal with more garbage to actually get my money back.


All of this could have been avoided if

1. The website/shop description for the network extender said "THIS ITEM WILL NOT WORK WITH A PREPAID PLAN"

2. Both sales reps knew I was a prepaid plan.  They should have not allowed me to buy it or at least said it wouldn't work on a prepaid plan.

3.  verizon removed the non-sense restriction that prepaid plans can't use an extender.


Who I have the same questioned this topic