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Who I have the same questioned this topic

Bait and Switch

When I go through the Verizon app to trade in my phone it says “Trading Apple IPhone 5 gets you Apple IPhone 13 for $0.27/mo with eligible unlimited plan.”

I then hit continue and go to the cart and the price isn’t $0.27/mo but is $12.49/mo.

For my wife’s line I do the same process to trade in her IPhone 10 for a 13 512GB and it says $0/mo and when I continue to the cart it changes it to $11.11/mo.

This is considered false advertising & bait & switch which is a violation of the deceptive trade practices act. It is the same as buying a dress at the store that has a price tag of $10 and then when they ring you up at the register you are charged $100.

I spoke to Verizon chat for 2 hrs who then told me to call. I called and was then transferred to customer loyalty. I also went to the Verizon store and showed them on the app. Unfortunately non of these people have the authority to match the price I am being quoted.

Is Verizon going to make good on these quoted prices?

How many other people are having this issue or thought they got the quoted price only to find out it changed after the fact?



Who I have the same questioned this topic