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Blocking spam e-mail text messages
Enthusiast - Level 3

There is a fatal flaw in the way Verizon blocks text messages that come from e-mail addresses and it explains why "block all messages from e-mail" doesn't work. I've tried to bring this to the attention of your tech support. It's very simple, but I can't get through to anyone who will listen.

Here's the problem: You can e-mail a message to a Verizon phone in two ways: using <phone number> @ will send it as a regular text message (SMS). <phone number> @ will send it as a multimedia text message (MMS). When you go into My Verizon and check the box to block e-mailed text messages, it blocks only those going to the address. The spammers can still send them to the address. That's why "blocking e-mail" appears to work for some people but not for others--it depends on which address your spammer is using.

This would be incredibly simple to fix if only someone at Verizon would listen. I've tried four times:

  • The first person asked me to hold and never came back.
  • The second asked me to hold and then closed the chat.
  • The third said he would transfer my call to second-tier support, then sent me to a recording that said that Verizon didn't have service in my area. (Your billing department doesn't think so.)
  • The fourth time I was promised a call-back within 6 minutes. It never happened.

Is there anyone willing to listen?

Who I have the same questioned this topic