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Who I have the same questioned this topic

Unable to join Mobile+Home rewards
Enthusiast - Level 1

My understanding is that as long as I have Fios and Postpaid unlimited wireless plans, I am eligible for $10 off per line per month. I signed up for 5 lines last week because for my family, this was a huge advantage of having verizon. However, when I go to sign up for Mobile+Home from my account (currently using a One Verizon ID account), I get the following error:

"Oops, we ran into a problem.

Sorry, something went wrong while checking your eligibility for Mobile + Home Rewards.

Come back later so you can continue with enrollment".


I am beyond frustrated, I have contacted customer service numerous times, they have confirmed my eligibility, but it has yet to be resolved. It's gotten to the point that if I don't get this fixed, I will surely have to cancel all five of my lines before the thirty days so I can get out of the contract. Verizon needs to do better with this. 


Who I have the same questioned this topic