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Who I have the same questioned this topic

False charges for "unreturned" equipment
Claiming that i never returned my cable equipment (dvr and remote), Verizon sent me a bill for $600+. The entire process of canceling my cable has been a nightmare. First I started receiving almost daily phone calls about returning my equipment before Verizon even had the decency to mail me my equipment return package. Once they finally sent the equipment return package the packing slip was incorrect (I cancelled my cable but kept my internet service which means I shouldn't have been expected to return the router). I even took the time to call Verizon's horrendous customer service line (30 minute wait times...every single time) to confirm that the packing slip was incorrect and make sure they wouldn't be expecting, and subsequently charging me for, the router. I sent back the appropriate equipment and naively thought everything was sorted out. 6 weeks later I'm still getting phone calls about returning my equipment so again I call horrible customer service and wait on hold for 35 minutes until I talk to someone for another 25 minutes. She assures me Verizon has opened an investigation and the matter should be resolved in a couple of days. She also promised someone from Verizon would be in touch. 2 weeks later (8 weeks since I cancelled my service) and I've heard nothing from Verizon and the charges haven't been reversed. Seriously?! I'm a few days away from canceling my internet service as well and taking my business to a different provider. Has anyone else had this problem? How did you resolve it? I have no clue what more I can do.
Who I have the same questioned this topic