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Who I have the same questioned this topic

Unable to register YouTube TV through Verizon
Contributor - Level 1

System Info:


OS 11.8

I ordered this a.m. through Verizon YouTube- TV.  I plan on watching on my Firestick.

Verizon sent me an activation link.  The link kept taking me to my "billing" page.  Switched browsers same thing.

Using Verizon search, looked for the My Verizon app.  It is not OS compatible

Downloaded the FS YouTube tv app.  Tried to register & it gave me this link to complete register along w/a temp code:

Verizon payment option  not listed.  Only Pay Pal & credit card

Opened up a Verizon chat.  Various support techs as well as CR tried to help.  After 4 hours, the last rep told me to contact YT support. 

YT support advised me I have to go through Verizon since that is who I signed up with since they are the ones who will receive MY payments (after trial period).

YT chat: "No, you must not sign up on our website if you want to be billed by Verizon. That's why it's not showing as an available payment option.

You need to sign up with Verizon Support or the Verizon website to complete this. I'm not sure why you were being referred to Amazon, too.

You can't use the app yet without completing the sign up. Please coordinate with Verizon if you wish to continue with Verizon billing."
Justin · 3:43 PM

I am exhausted.  If I can't resolve this in the community, will make a phone call to Verizon.  If issue is not resolved then, will cancel w/Verizon & order directly w/TY-tv.

I forgot to mention:  I downloaded the My Verizon app on the FS.......authentication failed.

I doubled & tripled checked my ID & password info....all correct.

***Can anyone help?  Thank you in advance***

Who I have the same questioned this topic