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Who I have the same questioned this topic

Can not upload proof of residency, you know you WANT to!

The Chat-bot lady doesn't know and the hold music is making me want to jump out of a window.

So, let's post to the FORUMS!

Verizon has put my order on hold until I upload proof of residency. The button is very pretty. It lets me select the local file on my computer, but the "SAVE" button doesn't do anything.

I have tried this:
On Windows 11 in Chrome, Firefox, IE, EDGE;
My iPhone 11, using safari, iOS Verizon App;
On my corporate internet, on LTE, on public wifi, on a Mifi hot spot.
I have cleared my cookies, cache, throat, morning... etc.
I have tried PDF, JPG, GIF, even PPTX.
In all cases the SAVE button does nothing.

The chat bot lady (Ruby) was just very apologetic, And she couldn't get a tech support on the phone. She couldn't offer anything but condolences.

Please send me a FAX number, email address, or someone's home address. I'll drive over a copy of my mortgage and hand deliver it to the person who needs it.

Please advise.

Who I have the same questioned this topic