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Who I have the same questioned this solution

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Community Leader

As dexman said, just contact VZ support and they will do the switch in a few minutes.  No charge.

You will still need to maintain a coax connection to the router for the set-top-boxes.  The router creates a MoCA LAN that they use.  This is independent of the coax WAN connection you're switching to Ethernet.  You'll now have coax and Ethernet connected to the ONT and router.  The advantage is you can upgrade to speeds above 100Mbps without a Verizon visit to install an Ethernet cable.  If your ONT is BPON, they will have to visit to upgrade it; but that should be free.

If you plan on using a non-Verizon router, know that you will have to add a MoCA bridge for the set-tops and learn how to configure and maintain the settings needed to allow the set-tops to work.  Between this and the lack of Verizon support for non-Verizon routers, most TV customers stay with a Verizon router.

The router has nothing to do with phone service.  Phone is handled entirely within the ONT.

Whatever you do, take that ancient Actiontec out of service ASAP.  It's a security risk as it hasn't received updates in many years.

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Who I have the same questioned this solution