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Unstable internet, games lagging, and packet loss to router
Enthusiast - Level 1

The router is a G3100 and we have fiber gigabit internet. I'm hardwired but the problem of nonstop lag in games happens both on ethernet and on wifi. My download speeds are normal (around 1 gbps) but when I play games online there is constant lag, games are often unplayable.

I've tried running ping plotter and it always shows high packetloss to our router. For example pinging shows 4-10% packet loss on the first hop, to our router... Pinging facebook shows ~35% packet loss to our router. Pinging shows ~80-95% packet loss to our router. 


There are also other hops to what I think are verizon servers (such as lag-19.PHLAPAFG-PPR01-CC.ALTER.NET) that has ~80% packet loss.


I've tried 2 computers on this network both hardwired and both have the same results!

A call with Verizon wasnt helpeful they said there is nothing wrong with our network so I'm looking for advice from those with more expertise that I in this area. Perhaps another test I could to to determine if the problem is something on our end, like a bad cable, or if there are issues with Verizons networks being overcrowded or just bad and whether we should just switch to comcast. 

Who I have the same questioned this topic