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Port forwarding on G1100 Router for Minecraft Server (bedrock)
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I have a bedrock minecraft server running minecraft on UDP port 19132 on my LAN at, which I'd like to make publicly accessible.

I've attempted to forward UDP port 19132 to on my Verizon G1100 router (details below), but when someone outside my LAN tries to connect (running bedrock, same as my server), they get this error: "Unable to Connect to World"

I can access the server via two devices (also running bedrock on my LAN (the windows 10 machine running the server and a galaxy tablet), so I think that means the server is fine and the router is to blame (I've also tried disabling the minecraft server's firewall to no effect).

When I use nmap on the public IP, port 19132 shows up as "open|filtered":

$ sudo nmap -sU -p 19132

Starting Nmap 5.21 ( ) at 2023-01-17 08:17 MST
Nmap scan report for

Host is up (0.082s latency).
19132/udp open|filtered unknown

(where is my router's public IP, hidden for privacy)

And when I do that, my minecraft server displays this message twice:

"ATTENTION! Received EMPTY UDP packet - potential UDP ports scanning."

There is no notification in the router's firewall log about blocked traffic. If I try a different port that I have never attempted to forward, I get the same message from nmap, but I don't get the response from the minecraft server:

$ sudo nmap -sU -p 19135

Starting Nmap 5.21 ( ) at 2023-01-17 08:17 MST
Nmap scan report for

Host is up (0.082s latency).
19135/udp open|filtered unknown

If I go to "" and scan the 19132 port, it says
"I could not see your service on on port (19132). Reason: Connection timed out"

The minecraft server on does not react when scanned via (maybe it's using TCP?). 

I have a G1100 Verizon router with firmware version I've tried many variations of setting up a port forward, but the one I believe should be correct is:

1) Firewall -> Port Forwarding
2) Select from "Select IP from menu"
3) Custom port in "Application to Forward", select UDP 19132

I've also set the IPv4 firewall settings to be "minimum security (low)" and unchecked "Advanced -> Universal Plug and Play -> UPnP Enabled" (the radio buttons to change the IPv6 settings were greyed out).

There are a couple threads on port forwarding with this router, but none come to a resolution:

Does anyone have any insight?



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Who I have the same questioned this topic