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Verizon Fios New Customer Offer Error
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So I signed up for the Fios internet - gaming package. Comes with gig fiber, as well as promotions for a $50 xbox gift card, and a moca adapter. However, when the install tech was leaving, he said they had signed me up for the Disney+ promo. I was not interested in this, so that same day, I called Verizon (honestly the worst customer service if not between 8am-5pm). 

I was told that my internet would not disconnect when switching to the gaming promo. The call center person insisted that it was 100% on their end, and it would only take a few minutes. The only change to my service would be the $50 xbox gift card instead of Disney+.

That was the biggest lie he could have told me. Not only did it disconnect my internet for over 5 hours while I spent 4+ hours on the phone getting it resolved, but at the end of my 1st billing cycle, I was charged twice! So what they did was completely terminate my agreement I originally made (on Day 1 of the service). And instead of restarting it, they created a new account. With the same email address and phone number. So I couldn't even log in to my old account to attempt to fix this because the website and app only recognized my  new account. 

Whatever, I was able to get the $89.99 reversed (even though the balance still shows I owe it). Not too worried about that. The issue is a few things. 

1) I just received yet another email from the old account reminding me of an upcoming Auto-Pay in a few days. I am not exactly thrilled that I was lied to yet again about my account being closed. How can a closed account be billed for the 2nd consecutive month (so about $180 of extra charges). To make things even worse, the kid in customer service told me I better pay it or it will be sent to collections. You should have heard the narcissistic enthusiasm in his advice. You would have thought it was HIS money that was owed. 

2) The 2nd issue, and the main reason for this post, is the inability to redeem my $50 xbox gift card. Which is so frustratingly ironic considering that's the entire reason for being in this mess due to the install tech choosing the wrong promo package on Day 1,  Verizon customer service says they can offer me a $50 verizon gift card (not even a Visa). However, I'll be snookered  if I've had to endure a customer service nightmare these first 30 days all for nothing. They can't seem to figure out why the link I received to redeem it doesnt work. But the error I get says, "The requested URL was not found in this server. Please go to MyVerizon Home".

I get that error when clicking the link in the email ,or when trying to click the xbox offer tile in the app or website. Any way I try to go about redeeming it, I get the same error. Customer service is just absolutely dumbfounded why this is happening. Even though a quick google search results in tons of people reporting the same thing (just not the exact same error message).

I am almost certain that the 2 duplicate accounts are to blame. Both accounts have the same address, the same name, the same email, and the same phone number. The only difference is the user  name. I need all of this resolved yesterday. I am honestly beyond exhausted with dealing with the incompetence of this company. I switched from Xfinity a month ago, and have had more headaches in 30 days than I have in 15 previous years with Xfinity internet. That should be enough for me to realize this was a mistake. But I will admit the product itself is amazing.

So I'll keep trying to find a customer rep that understands what's going on, while simultaneously getting disconnected from the chat 4-5 times and having to repeat every single thing over again because the rep just started the job 2 days ago and doesn't know how to read my chat history from the last 30 days. At this point I feel as though I've trained these guys more than Verizon has. But I'm relieved to know at the very least... Verizon will charge me double as a thank you. 

Who I have the same questioned this topic