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Inseego M2100 and Verizon ASK-RTL108 Wireless 5G LTE Home Router Hotspot
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Hello, I need some information about Two Verizon products, first is the Inseego M2100  hotspot. I already activated it with a Verizon Sim card and it is unlimited I've been using it for about 3 weeks now it works Great. Next is the Verizon ASK-RTL108 Wireless 5G LTE Home Router Hotspot. My first question is can I take my Verizon Sim out of my Inseego Hotspot and put it into the Verizon ASK-RTL108 Hotspot without causing my Internet service to be suspended for switching devices? (A cellphone carrier did this not too long ago it wasn't Verizon tho that's why I ask) I will be doing this frequently, I want to use the ASK-RTL108 while I'm in the house, but when I leave the house I want switch to the Inseego. My reasons for this are simple when The hotspot drains from usage I have to turn it off and charge for 2-3 hours before I can use it again, it doesn't charge while on for some reason Verizon made it that way. Now why go threw all that when I could just put the Sim into the ASK-RTL108 while I'm home and never have to worry about charging anything Right? And my final question is in reference to the ASK-RTL108 all I have to do is put an activated Verizon Sim into it and plug it into the the socket for everything to work do I need to configure something online in the admin settings on the ASK-RTL108. I would like to know if anyone has done this already and I would Like a Verizon Customer Assistant to answer the Question as well. Thank you.

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Who I have the same questioned this topic