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Who I have the same questioned this topic


I was on the $1.99 unlimited plan. I called and inquired on the 27th of October about the $50 unlimited plan. When I called on the 27th, I had $18.00 in my account and that was suppose to last me until 4th of November. They told me to change the plan online and I stopped receiving calls. However, before I could figure that out, the customer service **bleep** told me that I will need to hang up and restart the phone in order for it to work right. Tonight is the 31st of October, note, I still should have 4 more days of usage. However, when I tried placing a call today, they are telling me I have $0.00 balance. I called customer service and they are telling me I need to add $50 in order to re-activate my phone. I will make sure to pass this word around. I cannot believe they turned my phone off and I don't get paid until next Friday. Now I do not have any phone for this whole week. I cannot believe this. Cheats! Cheats! Cheats! Pathetic, I hope stealing my $8, makes you guys lose $8 billion dollars. I am a hard worker, a veteran and a family man. It is sad that you can no longer trust anyone! Shame on you Verizon!

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Who I have the same questioned this topic