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Who I have the same questioned this topic

Email not working

I have the droid Incredible 2.

The mail app locked up a week back and started throwing error messages.

Stopped in the V-store and they had me delete my "" and re-add it as our in-house email had recently been worked on.

This worked and I re-added my Go-daddy mail and G-mail back as well and they all worked.

Now its locking up and throwing error codes again. I removed all accounts and shut down pulled the battery and restarted. Now when re-adding my accounts they wont authenticate stating that I have a user name or password incorrect, I could have made a mistake entering the data once, but for three accounts several attempts I don't think so.

Also, I can only attempt to re-add the accounts from the account list, if I open the app it asks me to add an account and if I choose to try it locks up and gives me the option to force closed.

Please help me.

If you are going to recommend a factory re-set, what does that do and what am I going to loose?

Who I have the same questioned this topic