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Having Problems with text messages not going through the network to my Mothers cell (TMobile) only her number out of all my contacts, need help? I tried everything and Verizon supposed to help
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Hello, please help.

Since October 12th, 2013, I can receive text messages and read them on my iPhone 5 from her Samsung (T-Mobile) cell phone.

This was with iOS 7.02.

I sent a text reply back to her and she did not receive the text message. I found out that she could not receive any text messages that I send.

I deleted her as a contact on my iPhone5 and then re-added her as a contact and her cell number and that still did not work.

I then deleted her as a contact and then just put in her cell number and text her cell number and that also did not work.

I had iMessage off and MMS Messaging on and did the same as above and that still did not work. Send MMS was on and that did not work.

I also did a reset of network settings and that did not work. I did all that Verizon said to do as I did above before I call Tech Support.

Verizon gave me a ticket number and then I called back and they said it is something in the network lines and then I called Verizon back and they said we do not know what is going on.  The Verizon rep told me to call Apple at 1-800-275-2273 to help.    I called that number and it says I have to pay $9.99 or 99.99 for tech help!! Are you kidding me!

I did the iOS7 7.03 update yesterday (10/26/13) and all of the above I did again and that did not resolve the texting problem.

My mothers Samsung does not have me blocked and T-MObile verified everything is ok on their side.

I just cannot understand that my Mother's cell cannot only receive my text messages only, but all of my contacts have no problem receiving my text messages.

(When I text her cell number - I can see that on my iPhone5 that the text goes through as all of my text messages but it does no go through the network and she does not receive my text message)

Please anybody out there have this problem and resolution ???   I also went to the app store and tried to get a free text messaging app but they all stink!



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Who I have the same questioned this topic