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Who I have the same questioned this topic

Anyone considering a class action suit yet?
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I believe Verizon is intentionally adding data usage to my Jetpak. I started out with only a 4 Gig plan and as the months went by I noticed I was get closer and closer to going over so I upped it to 6. Then as the months went by I had to up it to 8, then 10, now I am up to 12. But it doesn't matter if I am at home or not I still use increasing amounts of data. so I started tracking my usage and sure enough it doesn't matter what I do I use all 12 Gigs. I believe they monitor your usage and slowing add data until you go over then offer you, very nicely I might add, if you would like to add 2 Gigs to your plan.

Yesterday I was so angry I called them in the AM. I got a supervisor on the line and really vented my frustration about this.

Guess what? My usage for the 12 hour period from 4 pm to 4 am, after I accused them of stealing data, dropped to about 30% of similar 12 hour periods and I did not do anything different. Coincidence? I think not.

I have read enough complaints on the support forums from other people with the same problem to believe it is done intentionally. So you be the judge.

My contract is up in 3 weeks (except for the new jetpack I have) The guy at the store lied to me when I got it. I told him I did not want it added to my plan if it affected my contract. He said it would not. Well he did not exactly lie, it only started its own new contract. I will probably switch carriers in 3 weeks and pay the early termination fee because I am so disgusted with this service.

Why can you get unlimited data on a phone but not on a jetpack?

Unfortunately I cannot get Comcast or any other cable internet service where I live so I am forced to accept these inflated fees for less service. With Comcast I could watch a thousand Gigabytes of movies every month with no additional charges.

Who I have the same questioned this topic