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What's going on with iMessage on Verizon's network?

As of this week, my wife's iPhone absolutely will not send pictures or videos via iMessage to Verizon customers. It says "Delivered" for about five seconds, and then reverts to "Not Delivered" with the red exclamation point symbol. We thought it was the phone, so we went through an exhaustive gauntlet of fixes:

  • Rebooting the phone
  • Clearing all iMessages and text messages
  • Deleting and re-adding contacts for which the issue occurs
  • Disabling iMessage, rebooting the phone, enabling iMessage
  • Disabling iMessage on all other devices (iPads, etc.)
  • Reset network settings
  • Reset all settings
  • Erase all content and reset all settings; restore via backup
  • Erase all content and reset all settings; configure as new iPhone

Nothing fixed the issue, so we took the phone to an Apple store, assuming there might be something wrong with it. At the Apple store, the geniuses were able to further isolate the issue: it ONLY occurs when my wife tries to iMessage Verizon customers. She can iMessage to our friends on AT&T just fine. In speaking about the issue with coworkers and friends, I found multiple people I know experiencing the same issues. "Oh yeah, I haven't been able to send pictures to <X> all week!".

Is Verizon aware of this issue? Is something being done to fix it?

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