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Who I have the same questioned this topic

fraud protection?

I've travelled cross country to Vermont. For the last two days, when I try to call anything but my home number, I get a recording the goes about like this: "Welcome to Verizon Wireless, a fraud protection feature has been activated on your phone, or it is not authorized for use at this time. Please unlock you service, or call *611 blah blah blah"

I've called *611 from the cellphone about four times now, and been advised to reprogram  the phone (*22890) and update roaming preferences (*228 opt#2). Been there, done that about three times now. I just got off the cell with Erik at *611 tech support, reprogrammed again, no joy.

Does anybody out there know how to "unlock my service" or explain what is going on? Verizon sure doesn't.

A woman Italked to earlier today told me it's because my phone is roaming and is trying to find a Verizon cell tower. I got pretty pissed at that. Of course it's roaming, I bought a Verizon phone so I would be more likely to have service out in the boonies. And I don't have any trouble calling *611, navigating dense voice menus, and listening to crappy music on hold, then talking to people who can't help.

YOU HEARING THIS VERIZON??? If I wanted to stay home and use my landline, I wouldn't need your bloody phone, would I?????

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Who I have the same questioned this topic