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Why can't I log in to pay my bill?

Quite an experience. There I was, in the bill payment area of My Verizon. I chose my payment option, the only one saved: my debit card and click "Next". I agree to the terms and press the button to pay, but alas, an error has occurred. My payment option's nickname can't have more than 12 characters (seems the new My Verizon was made by the team behind Twitter or something) and can't contain any special characters. Now, I never gave my card a nickname. It defaulted to "************" followed by the last 4 digits. This has never been an issue in the past, but no big deal I conclude. I attempt to change the card's name. But despite a popup notification to the contrary, the changes do not save. After many attempts, some giving my card a series of obscene names in frustration, I give up. Surely the solution is simply re-entering my card.

Boy howdy was I wrong. I try adding a new payment method, re-entering my card (which I might reiterate I've used for some time now to pay my bill with no trouble) This time I was not given any option to enter a nickname. After entering the card and clicking pay, once again I am greeted with an error stating that the card nickname mustn't exceed 12 characters or contain special ones. Clicking back I find that the new payment method wasn't entered and the "************"+4 digit one remains unchanged.

Well gee this tears it! Finally I try taking the card out completely. My thinking is that, were the card removed, I would be prompted to add a new one with a new nickname. Of course, it's not that easy. Deleting the card does nothing. A simply popup stating it was removed, even though it wasn't. My only conclusion is that Verizon just doesn't want my money anymore. My bill remains unpaid, but not for lack of trying!


Sarcasm aside, this is terrible design. I'm a web application developer, and I've made payment gateways in the past. I know that things don't always work as planned, and that online payments can be a tricky beast. But this is absurd. I understand not wanting special characters in user input (HTML entities and the like) but I can't have an asterisk? There is NO technical reason to not allow asterisks. Especially considering that they are in the default nick. Especially considering that 12 asterisks + 4 digits is a COMMON PRACTICE. ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING that this "nickname" has NO BEARING on whether the payment can process. The card number, security code, expiration date, and billing address are all present and valid. The nickname is irrelevant for all parties involved!

Anyone have some advice for me? Hopefully this is just a fluke or something that will be sorted out soon. I'll try paying again later tonight, maybe try a different browser. It's overdue enough as it is. X(

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