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How do I regain my photo avatar in messages?

I've been using Verizon Message+ for about 6 months on my Droid Turbo. I had customized the settings so it would show photo avatars. I'm almost 100% sure that when seeing text conversations on my phone's screen that there was a photo of the person I was texting on the left side of the screen (with conversation bubble) and my photo on the right side of the screen (with my conversation bubble.)

But lately I've noticed that my photo no longer shows up on the screen when I am texting. I understand this photo is taken from my Google contacts list. In the Google People App it is the photo associated with the "ME" contact. (The same photo can be seen in the upper left hand corner when pulling down the windowshade of the phone.)

I am not on Facebook or LinkedIn so there are no synching issues with those programs. I am not signed into Google+, I haven't even set up the Google+ account. Any person in my Gmail contact list that has a photo associated with it will show their photo in Verizon Message+ when texting EXCEPT for me. Again, I'm certain I could previously see my photo when texting.

How do I regain the placement of my photo avatar when sending/receiving text messages?


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