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How do I replace the battery on my Galaxy S6?

So the issue im concerned about is getting the battery replaced in the S6 seeing as how it has a non removable battery. Like every battery in every phone/car/toy, they have a life expediency, and will eventually at some point down the road after numerous recharges, the battery will  no longer hold a solid charge and the only solution to fix this is to replace the battery.

                  now I am your normal run of the mill 9-5 blue collar working guy, I simply cant afford to buy a new phone every year. I am financially forced to ride my 2 year contact out until my upgrade time comes, sometimes i even need to wait longer before i can upgrade. And like every phone i have previously owned, after about a year and a half of good solid use of the phone, the battery simply stops holding a good charge and i have to buy a new battery. This has never been an issue since all my previous phone's have had a removable battery.

So what im concerned about is when the inevitable comes to pass and my battery no longer holds a charge. How am i to go about getting it replaced. Is this something warranty will cover a year and a half 2 years down the road, or will i have to pay out of pocket for a new battery. If thats the case then will it void my warranty if i open the phone up my self and change it without it breaking my warranty, or will i be able to send it off to get it replaced.

This is my only concern about getting the S6.

Im just trying to think long term down the road from now.

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