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How come I receive emails and texts in spurts?

I have a wireless data plan in NYC for which I pay more than $130/month. I came to Verizon from AT&T after being frustrated by their poor data coverage and speeds in Manhattan. While the data coverage with Verizion has been a lot more satisfactory, I cannot get over the fact that I don't seem to receive texts and emails in real time. That is to say, I receive them in "batches." Every now and then, my phone will let off a cacophony of notification tones and I'll get maybe 4-5 texts and a couple of emails all at once. I have emails set to push with the Gmail app on my iPhone, and texts should be received in real time.

This isn't a case of me wandering in and out of areas with poor coverage. I'm working from home, my phone is right next to me all day and I have perfect reception, both calls and data. I have no problem with using the internet on my phone - everything is very slick and fast. But why do I get notifications in spurts like this? It's as if Verizon is making no attempt to deliver messages to me in real time and is packaging them together to save bandwidth or something (hey I'm not a phone technician so I can't be sure). This is not what I pay for, and the inability of my phone to receive messages instantly is quite literally costing me business. Has anyone else experienced the same problem with Verizon? For all of AT&T's faults, I did get texts and emails very reliably as and when they were sent.

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