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What do I do if a sales representative lied to me?

Last Saturday I went into a local Verizon store in Macedonia Ohio, because I need Verizon for my new job. The problem is, now that I have done a bit more reading about the phone that they sold me, I feel like I have been lied to and deceived.

The man at the store was very friendly. I told him I wanted to have the most durable phone, that had the best battery life. He brought out a couple of phones. One of those phones was the Droid Maxx 2, which he stated had the biggest battery and also had a shatter proof glass screen. Another sales rep in the building also agreed, while standing next to him. He went on to say how that on youtube you can search and see a guy hitting it with a mallet and the glass still would not crack. When I was asked if I wanted insurance, I stated "no, because the glass is shatterproof" and both employees said, "yes, but it is not waterproof", further confirming their statement that my phone was shatterproof.

The phone ended up being approximately $650.00, although there was an immediate $100.00 credit (which still has not shown up on my account) along with a $300.00 credit for a smartphone trade in.

Over the last couple of days, while doing some reading about my phone, I realized that the phone I was given in fact is not shatterproof. The phone which is shatter proof is the Droid Turbo 2. Furthermore, when researching online, the price of the Droid Turbo 2 was about $684.00 if I recall correctly, while the Maxx 2 was only $384.00. So not only was I given incorrect information about the phone I received, but I feel like I was overcharged. Is there a legitimate complaint I can make regarding these sales reps?

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