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Why can't we make extra payments towards our devices on the Device Payment Plan?


I recently traded in my Samsung Galaxy for an iPhone 6s Plus. I'm using the Device Payment Plan and was excited to hear that for iPhones, once we pay off 1/2 the balance, we're eligible to upgrade without having to pay the phone off in full. Well, here's my beef: Why can't we make extra payments towards our phone? Our only options are the regular monthly payment or pay off in full? That seems ridiculous to me. I have a $95 credit on my bill for my trade in and wanted to apply that towards what I owe on the iPhone. But I can't do that. You'd think at least the trade in value could be applied to the new phone balance.

I guess I'm hoping that perhaps that policy might change? How are we supposed to pay off 1/2 the balance of our phones before the 24 month agreement is up if we can't make extra payments towards the phone?


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